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Special Manifolds for Industrial Gas Turbines

Posted by Tzur Layish | Sep 9, 2019 2:04:23 PM

A global player in the energy sector approached Habonim for a manifold valve solution. His traditional design uses multiple valves at different locations in the gas turbine, with long lengths of piping stretched throughout. This design creates a safety hazard due to poor controllability and complicated accessibility. The dispersed valves also require many interconnections, resulting in high installation costs and leak paths.

The Need

To design a reliable and compact valve solution which is able to:

  • Secure gas tight shutoff
  • Handle multiple pressure levels without internal backflow
  • Manage a design temperature as high as 600°C

Sampling valves also had to be integrated into the manifold valve in order to measure and verify the turbine cleaning condition.

Habonim’s Solution

Habonim’s engineering team devised a manifold valve solution that offers all these features:

  • Works in a confined space
  • Guarantees minimum leak paths
  • Incorporates a reliable locking system
  • Modular design
  • Cost-effective compared to traditional solutions

Using the unique fire-safe valve design as the basic module, Habonim designed an 8-valve, lockable manifold including 3 off-sampling ports (needle valves). The multi-port manifold design also incorporated a special locking device to ensure that all valves are closed when the turbine is in operation. A limit switchbox transmits a signal to the PLC system once the valves are closed and secured.


Fire-safe valve

A special locking system was designed to securely lock all the valve handles during turbine operation

The machined manifold block eliminates the need for multiple welding and NDT-examination — increasing the accuracy of the block while reducing overall costs. The manifold configuration reduces to a minimum the number of leak paths and the risks of fugitive emissions, thus enhancing site safety.


The manifold has an extremely small footprint and is lightweight, allowing smooth in-situ installation of the unit. The accurately machined block allows for stress-free installation of the manifold valve to the gas turbine. Habonim’s manifold valve met all the customer’s requirements, delivering a cost-effective and efficient solution, which is performing in demanding applications.

To learn more about Habonim's Special Manifolds for Industrial Gas Turbines, download the case study.


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Tzur Layish

Tzur Layish

Marketing Manager at Habonim Industrial Valves & Actuators LTD

Topics: Blog, INDUSTRIAL valves

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