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Gain power, and save space and costs with Habonim’s four-piston Scotch yoke actuator

Posted by Eduard Ametller | Mar 1, 2023 3:51:36 PM

The Power CompAct actuator is the world's first four-piston Scotch yoke actuator. It is designed to provide high torque and compactness, making it suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

With over three decades of delivering CompAct actuators that are well known for their compactness and the benefits that come with the four-piston design, the new Power Compact series is experiencing the demand for even higher torques.

Habonim’s four-piston Scotch yoke actuator innovative design combines the benefits of a high-power scotch yoke mechanism to generate maximal power, with the balance and compactivity of the four-piston mechanism to provide fast and efficient pneumatic actuation, with the highest durability.
The pneumatic actuator provides double the power-to-size ratio. In other words, a comparable traditional high-torque Scotch yoke actuator will be twice as big as a Power CompAct unit.

Watch the recorded webinar in which Igor Berkovitz, Habonim’s R&D Manager, explores the key features of the Power CompAct series, with a focus on the C100 actuator. The C100 is compared to the C90 actuator, and its mechanical and technical aspects are examined. See how the actuator works and looks inside.


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Topics: Hydrogen, Ball valves, Hydrogen valves

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